Hello there! Its been quite a while since we posted. We have had to take some time off at the beginning of the year and most of the summer we have been working on new tracks. So we haven’t had much to say, until now!

We have added a couple of new members to beef up the sound. Joining us again, on Lead Guitar, is Robert Capewell who featured on our Gotta Move On EP! A really good friend of most of the band, its almost like he didn’t stop 3 years ago! Also joining us on Keys, is Mr Jez Gray. Stolen from a local Afro-Beat act called Fellowship of Groove, he has added all the bubble we could of asked for.

With them all rehearsed up, and with some new songs, we are now getting ready to jump into the studio to record our Debut Album! We are working with some exciting dudes on the production side of things and we cant wait to get it out to you. More info on this in the new year!

As for gigs, we have one more show of the year, Friday, 16th December, Quay Arts. We hope you can make it! Get your tickets here, http://www.quayarts.org/event/bus-shelter-fundraiser/

We hope you have a great Christmas and New Years, We will see you soon!

Peace, Love & Tea

The Ohmz 🙂 x