About Us

About Us

SGGY Fruit (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., affiliated to Shaanxi Fruit Industry Group, is a state-owned enterprise organized and founded by Shaanxi Provincial Government. Shaanxi Fruit Industry Group was founded in October 2015 with the registered capital of RMB 500 million Yuan. The founding of Fruit Industry Group is an important measure for the provincial government to carry out the leading strategy of large enterprise groups, promote the transformation and upgrading of fruit industry of Shaanxi province and realize the transformation from a big province of fruit industry to a strong province of fruit industry according to the concepts of modern industry, circulation, finance and ecology. Since the founding, our group has been fulfilling the missions, keeping advancing despite of difficulties, making scientific plans, precisely and actively carrying out the construction of fruit industrialization projects, and making every effort to build the group into a leading enterprise of modern agricultural industrialization that integrates breeding, scientific research, production, processing, storage and transportation, sales.

Since 2017, our group has been comprehensively carrying out the construction of industrialization projects in the main provincial fruit production areas with focuses on the six main sections, including “seedling breeding, base demonstration, material and equipment, processing, storage and transportation, product marketing, scientific and technological support”. By now, our group has built the improved seedling bases of 100 thousand Mu with an annual output of more than 30 million quality seedling. We have built the fruit industry demonstration bases of 200 thousand Mu and the fruit warehouses with the capacity of 220 thousand tons. The construction of five major industrial parks of seedling technology, modern agricultural supplies, fruit industrial technology, fruit processing and trade logistics has been started. 20 production & sales service centers in Baota, Ansai, Yanchuan, Zichang and other cities have been built. We also established Shaanxi Fruit E-commerce, big data and brand recommendation platforms, set 200 Shaanxi Fruit brand shops nationwide and made efforts to build “Shaanxi Fruit No.1”. While developing the business, our group has also been attaching much importance to CPC building, establishing and perfecting various organizations, carrying out activities, practising internally, building images, creating the enterprise brands and developing elite teams. Now, there are 500 employees in our group, including 86 senior talents and 180 CPC members. There are 8 departments, 9 secondary affiliated companies and 50 three-level affiliated companies in our group with the business covering 10 cities and 50 counties around the province and asset increment more than 2 billion Yuan.

The group plans to invest 20 billion Yuan within five years, build fruit industry bases of 500 thousand Mu and modern fruit warehouses with the capacity of 500 thousand tons, and produce 120 million seedlings. We are going to establish 100 production & sales service stations, set 2,000 Shaanxi Fruit brand shops and 1,000 Shaanxi Fruit agricultural supply shops, lead the increment of 10 billion Yuan in the provincial fruit industry, and solve the main problems in the fruit industrial chain. It’s necessary to promote the transformation, upgrading, quality and efficiency improvement of fruit industry, and facilitate the industrial poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

SGGY Fruit Industry (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2019 with the registered capital of 10 million Yuan and is located in the core city of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, that is, Shenzhen. The Company occupies the peak of world’s frontier consumption market and becomes the Group’s leader in import and export trade. The Company helps the main fruits in China to be exported to the world, meets the domestic consumption upgrading and introduces foreign high-end fruits, and achieves better results in the import & export business of the Group.

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