Next up in our Q&A is Bob Harrison!

Q1. What was your highlight of 2014?
Bob: My highlight of 2014 has to be the Ben & Jerry’s and Bob Marley competition. Getting selected to play in London by members of the Marley family and getting to meet Sir David Rodigan was amazing – not forgetting the free ice cream!

Q2. If you had to pick a band as your highlight, who would it be and why?
B: I discovered Shanty (they played at V-Dub Island) based in London – a promising fresh new band with an awesome 4-track EP and some good horns to boot.

Q3. What are you looking forward to most in 2015?
B: I can’t wait to get into the studio and start laying down the tracks for the album! We’re chomping at the bit!

If you have any questions for Bob – comment below!

Next up in our series of Q&A posts is the lovely Leonie Bird!

Q1. What was your highlight of 2014?
Leo: My highlight has got to be Playing at The Chequers Inn in Steyning, so close to my home – all my friends and family came to support and it was amazing to be able to introduce my island family to my home family. Playing Monkey Man on stage with Bigtopp and jamming with American guys on brick lane are close runners-up! None of that would of been possible without The Ohmz.

Q2. If you had to pick a band as your highlight, who would it be and why?
L: Honestly I do not think I could choose! I’d choose Bigtopp for the same reasons as Harv (Alex), but we met so many fantastic musicians that I couldn’t possibly choose!

Q3. What are you looking forward to most in 2015?
L: Well, I’ve been in The Ohmz since 2012 and every year has been so different. We’ve done more and more festivals, and the tours and gigs here, there and everywhere, but I couldn’t tell you because every year is different and it’s never what I expect. So even though we know what we’re doing, I don’t know what to look forward to the most. The album is an exciting new prospect for the band and I can say I’m extremely looking forward to it.

No! I got it….! What I am looking forward to most in 2015 is the new adventure that we will be going through, the new people/bands and musicians we meet, the new places we will venture and all spending it with my brothers.

Like we sing – ‘Got to keep on moving…moving forward!’ x

If you have any questions for Leo, comment below!

In the first of a series of Question and Answer posts, Alex Harvey – Bassist and Sensation – tells us what his highlight of 2014 was, and what he’s most looking forward to this year. If you have any questions for Alex, post them below in the comments, and he’ll reply!

Q1. Last year was a big one for the band – playing more major festivals than before, and touring for the first time. What was your highlight of 2014?
Alex: My highlight was Oly picking his reeking stinking old socks out my face in that [not too clean] Highbury squat hostel we stayed in! [laughs].
Apart from that, all the gigs we did with Bigtopp this year were a real highlight for me. They’re a great bunch of guys, and we had a laugh on the road with them.

Q2. You must have seen and met a lot of new bands/artists last year. If you had to pick a band as your highlight, who would it be and why?
A: It’s got to be Bigtopp! Haha! We keep banging on about them, but they’re a really great band with great music you need to hear.

Q3. What are you looking forward to most in 2015?
A: Recording our first studio album! We’ve been building up to this for the last two years, and now we’re at a point where we can make an album that I think does us justice.

Keep your eyes open for more on the new album!

Well, the year is nearly over

We have had an incredible year of reggae, tea, festivals and glowing tans, and we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s supported us this year!

2014 was our biggest year yet! Over the summer we were very busy playing at Isle of Wight Festival, Camp Bestival, PostFest, Watchet LIVE Festival, Bestival and loads of other lovely festivals, other gigs and the tours! We have been very lucky to have had those experiences and would like to thank everyone who has been a part of them too.

We’d also like to say a big thank you to the Bigtoppers too (, they were around for a large amount of our year and we are very grateful to have been able to spend it with you guys! Check them out if you haven’t already!

For more updates on where you can find The Ohmz next year, check the gig listings on this site. We have LOADS of new tunes being worked on and various other surprises to be released soon (keep your eyes peeled).

Happy Christmas and a great New Year to you all, friends! (: x – Leo



Satisfy My Bowl

Satisfy My BowlLast Wednesday we were invited to The Vaults underneath London’s Waterloo Station for a very special event.
We were chosen by the Marley family themselves to play at the launch party for Ben & Jerry’s brand new flavour, made in association with the 1Love Foundation!

The proceeds from the sale of this special Ben & Jerry’s flavour will go to the 1Love Foundation. The 1Love Foundation was created by Bob Marley’s family to continue his charity work in Jamaica, working to inspire young people through music, and we were thrilled to be able to play for such a good cause.

“Ben & Jerry’s is on a musical mission to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Bob Marley’s Legend album with a tribute flavour ‘Satisfy my Bowl’, in honour of the music icon and to lend its voice to a vision for peace, love and social justice.

Proceeds from the limited edition flavour will enable 1Love & PYE help young people better their lives through music. With the help of the Marley Family, Ayanna Witter Johnson, The Ohmz, Rehmidi, Nestar and The Big Zero were chosen to perform their unique interpretation of a Marley track alongside Sir David Rodigan MBE.”

We got to meet the legend Sir David, eat lots of ice cream and play our brand new song Outside – it was a magical night (: x

We’re back from Tour!

Now we’re back from Tour and Camp Bestival, we thought we’d give you a update on all the fun we’ve had!

La Havana – 19th Julychi

Firstly we travelled to La Havana in Chichester on the 19th of July – What an awesome place; the crowd were amazing, the agnostics and the vibe of this bar were warming as soon as we stepped foot in the underground bar. We were all very excited as it was the first show and everyone stepped up and played a cracking gig! Thank you to the staff and the crowd!


pewseyThe Barge Inn – 20th July

The next day we had a lovely early evening gig at The Barge Inn in Pewsey – We were very welcomed, fed and watered whilst sitting by the canal watching the boats go by; lovely, although a few toes may have been bitten courtesy of the Queens swans! Thank you to the staff and audience as well!

After these two gigs we head back home for two days to prepare for the rest of the tour (and go to work).

The Lady Luck – 24th Julyladyluck

Next up we had Lady Luck in Canterbury, It was completely and utterly packed out, even outside! We really felt the love that night, everyone in the bar was dancing all
night. Bigtopp were fantastic as usual and were really on the ball, and I think they gained a few fans 😉 Thank you lady luck for the support, we hope to see you again!

 The Chequer Inn – 25th July

chequer inn

Oh Steyning! How you shocked us, On the 25th we skanked up to The Chequer Inn not knowing what to expect, and came out buzzing! Family and friends gathered to this gig and the pub was jumping all night. Both bands really put on a great show and the audience were definitely willing to have a good night! Thank you very much Steyning!

OnionFest – 26th Julyonionfest

After a good night sleep on what ever we could find, we head to the lovely OnionFest in Midhurst, this little festival was the perfect place to spend a lovely sunny day listening to some good bands, drinking ice cold lemonade and eating bacon baps! We even watched Para-gliders circle around for a while. As Bigtopp are regulars for this festival they got us a slot too and we enjoyed the set very much, it was such a lovely and enjoyable day, Thank you for having us OnionFest!

(Funtasia and) PostFest – 27th July

Next day, we came back to the Island for a day to perform at Funtasia and PostFest!

We put a show on at Funtasia early afternoon, which was a nice relaxed gig. We couldn’t help but only get in the musical zone, with the sun beaming down and the audience bobbing their heads it was a lovely set, thank you Funtasia!

Later on in the afternoon we headed to PostFest and met Bigtopp to play another show, We always love playing to our friends on the island; Islanders know how to party! We had a fantastic time, and Bigtopp ‘wowed’ the crowd a bit didn’t they! ANOTHER fantastic show!


Thank you Isle of Wight and our good friend Robb Carr for having us.

The Boileroom – 28th July


Here’s MoCara skunking with us on stage!

We had tea, noodles and music – What else could we ask for!? The audience was small, but they were a blooming good audience! MoCara joined us on stage and skunked out to Gangsters paradise with us. Thank you Boileroom for having us!

Unfortunately, The Boileroom are being threatened with shutting-down because their recently moved-in neighbours do not like the music, so please click the link below and sign the petition to help the Boileroom!

Please help to keep this amazing venue alive

Cafe 1001 – 29th July


Here’s a picture of the guys chilling out before the gig

What an exciting experience for us; it was the first time we have performed in London as a band, and for us it was a milestone within the band’s goals! The audience were fantastic – friends and fans from around London and the outskirts travelled to be with us and we felt blessed with the opportunity to perform. Excitement was high anyway because it was my birthday (Leo) and I personally had a brilliant time, even sneaking out to have a jam with a band from America in between our set and Bigtopp’s set, which made my evening!


The Noel’s Arms – 30th July

Noel’s arms – WOW! I’ve never felt so at home at a gig before. Thank you to the folks at the Noel’s Arms and Jo the curry was incredible, we all got comfy beds (apart from Oly, haha!) and the crowed were fantastic! We ended up having Bigtopp on stage with us (Imagine 14 people on a stage) and we performed 3 encores together, and it was the best moment through-out the tour, for me personally.

We definitely want to come back, Thank you so much!

The Hop Pole – 31st July

The next day we travelled to Birmingham in a horrible storm! We arrived late afternoon and we were all sleepy and warn out as it was the last gig of the tour and was greeted with cold drinks/tea and yummy food. Bigtopp played a brilliant last set, and we (The Ohmz) had one (not last) last skank, we’ve had a brilliant time on tour, we’ve learnt a lot from you, and our brothers Bigtopp, we hope to share moments like these with you again. Until V-dub Festival!



Thank you to; Bigtopp – James, Doug, Sam, Jacob, Ben, Martin, Luke, Stefan, To all the venue owners, Organisers, Caterers, Peter (PB Film and Photography), Marina Blackburn for Artwork, Sound Engineers, Festival Organisers and to Adam and Luke for organising the tour and allowing us this experience and everyone else who has supported us in anyway, Thank you!

Peace, Love and Tea! Leo x

The Summer Tour 2014

I’m sure you’ve all seen the posts by now – but for those that haven’t:

We’re going on tour!

That’s right, we’re coming to a town near you very soon (or one at least in the same county… Probably).

We’ve been beavering away with our very good friends Bigtopp to organise our tour in July, and we’re very happy to announce the full list of dates for you.

But before we get to all that, Bigtopp come over to our sunny isle recently to play Isle of Wight Festival, and while they were over we got together for a jam…

So now, back to the business at hand. Just for you special people, here’s our list of dates for your diaries:

No upcoming shows scheduled

We really hope to see some of you there! (: x